Uday India : New English News Weekly
The capital is on the threshold of a New English weekly. Its name is ‘Uday India’. Save the Hinglish title, does not this announcement sound banal? You must have seen many magazines perish for the sheer reason that they started with a bang but ended in a whimper. The quality did not commensurate with the prolific promise. As proof of the pudding is really in the eating, let your initial reaction be as they are.

The announcement is just to let the discreet reading public know that there is yet another English weekly magazine in the making and looks forward to pass through your ruthless scrutiny. On our part, we wish to say that it would not be run of the mill. We would rather you believed it will not fall as a thud on your doorstep but enter as a whiff of fresh air into reading corridor of the capital. ‘Uday India’ will be English weekly based on the staple of news and current affairs. The weekly will focus mainly on politics, youth, health, women, net space, diplomacy, media, economy, education, showcasing inspiring rural development. A new feather in the cap will be spiritualism that has lately permeated every aspect of human endeavor. The cover story will be spun out of the most current happening. There will be for sure pages for book review and Reader’s forum. Apart from these building blocks, there will be incessant effort to customize the magazine to the taste of the reader. But truth will be the sine quonon.
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